Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice documents are community-builders! They are the key to successful audience engagement and conversion, giving us a voice to speak directly to our customers.


At Anna Cloud, we had a problem. We had customers but people weren't progressing beyond sign-up. UX Research alerted us to a reticence to use the augmented reality software necessary to generate design. We needed to devise a new TOV for Anna Cloud's English-speaking website to overcome user ambivalence and empower customers. At a sit-down call with the CEO we discussed the brand’s ethos and image and how we could tie this into the company goals to encourage use of AR.

Brand Identity: Italian, camp, eclectic, loud and colourful, with a strong 90s throwback. Think Betty Spaghetti. Think Fiorucci. Think a Cassio Baby-G wristwatch. You get the jist.

Using these terms as a starting point, I drew up a customer persona, followed by a Tone of Voice document and possible solutions to the "AR Problem"!

My Input

-Interviewed CEOs to understand brand values and OKRs.

-Devised a guide for communicating AR tech assets in a friendly way.

-Devised a user persona to better understand user values, needs, interests and taxonomy.

-Devised a complete TOV document to be used throughout all digital infrastructure and interaction points by the Marketing Manager.

The Results