Website Copy

Anna Cloud is an Italian personalised leather manufacturer that gives you the tools to design your own bag from scratch using AR 3D-design software.


Following a sudden spike in demand, Anna Cloud are now looking to expand their market beyond Italy. We proposed a new English-language website and redesign to boost Google ranking, as well as attract and speak to a wider audience. We also had to overcome user ambivalence to the use of AR tech in design and devised fun and engaging educational material that explained what AR was through encouraging play and experimentation.

My Input

-Devised all copy throughout site infrastructure, from landing page, to bio and CRM.

-Designed site map, wireframes and IA hierarchy.

-Devised TOV guides. More how here.

-Developed user personas.

-Developed long-term content strategy based on customer persona and template creation, including newsletter and monthly blogposts to build customer base.

The Results

Did you know? I've also worked with award-winning weirdos, You Me Bum Bum Train on their site copy that sold out tickets in under 5 seconds!