Apps + UX

Felix® is a mental health app with integrated wearable Garmin tech that monitors user stress levels and generates personalised solutions for stress-reduction.


I joined the project in the app’s beta phase to devise and develop onboarding copy through rigorous A/B testing. To drive conversion, we needed to ensure IA and microcopy were purposeful, concise and clear to avoid user’s feeling weary and dropping out. Part of that process was balancing conveying why we needed this information (necessary explainers) and minimising jargon (lite TOV).  

My Input

-Devised more user-friendly onboarding instructions that boosted completion rates by 70%.

-Developed success/failure messages for Garmin integration that overcame user sticking points.

-Developed copy for all points of interaction, INCLUDING buttons, tooltips, descriptions, and success-failure messages.

-Collaborated with Product Design and Research teams to carry out A/B testing on initial UI designs

The Results

Design: Jesica Lewit

Hey! That's not all! I was also UX Writer for ⭐⭐⭐⭐ app, GardenTags in 2017!