Video Scripting

The University of London Press is an award-winning Open Access publisher. All their books are available for free and this is very, very cool, but it comes with some challenges.


The Press had reached a milestone half a million title downloads and wanted to highlight this with a breakdown of their key success metrics... Only, what were their success metrics?

The Fix

Digital books are a relatively nascent part of the product range for many publishers and benchmarked industry standards for what success looks like do not currently exist. We had to reconfigure the meaning of success for these new digital products beyond traditional KPIs, but also promote their product range to casual users AND demonstrate impact for stakeholders. Phew.

I wrote and storyboarded a fun motion graphic video that was able to speak to these two very different audiences.

Gifs made using Spark

My Input

-150,000 impressions in first week of sharing

-60% increase in search term 'Open Access' on site landing-page.

-Wrote video script that was able to speak to customer and stakeholder needs.

-Commissioned and collaborated with Motion Designer to develop storyboard and graphic design

-Data analysis from aggregate book hosting sites

The Results

Motion graphics by Amy Davis

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